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It’s easier than ever to watch your favorite TV shows online…but still illegal

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According to an article in the LA Times, over the past year there has been an increasing number of websites which allow you to stream television shows and movies, without having to download anything. This phenomenon is a clear display of how different the world of piracy is since its early days, where peer-to-peer was the primary means of obtaining illegal content. Now, by simply clicking “play” on websites such as Megavideo and TV Duck, you can watch virtually any TV show online.

This growing trend has become a huge concern of entertainment companies. What adds even more to the threat is the increasing popularity of Internet televisions. Now, people can illegal stream their favorite TV shows on their large widescreen TVs, which makes it seem like they are simply watching the show on its regular channel.

In my opinion, popular television channels should post their current television shows on their websites for those viewers that are unable to catch them in their regular time slot. I often find myself unable to watch my favorite TV shows due to homework overload, club meetings, etc. Many networks do currently provide this service, however, often the episodes will not be posted online for a few days after the original screening, and will only remain online for a couple of weeks. Instead of having their shows streamed on illegal TV linking websites, networks would probably be better off providing the service themselves. They will continue to make a profit by airing advertisements, and can still keep track of their ratings by counting the number of views each episode gets. Only time will tell how this phenomenon will ultimately affect the entertainment industry.,0,1716597,full.story


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September 28, 2010 at 6:26 pm

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