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First Live Stream Concert through Social Game

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Tomorrow night, KISS will be making history as the first band ever to stream a live concert through social game.  And better yet, it’s free!

KISS, known to go against the grain, wants to link the physical world with the digital world like no one has ever done before.  According to Gene Simmons, “We have always believed in pushing the boundaries…in giving the fans bang for the buck…in going where no band has gone before.”   “This one’s gonna rock big time!”

By joining Nightclub City and going onto starting at 8:30pm, anyone can freely watch the concert, and they will be rewarded with special KISS branded virtual goods.

We’ll find out tomorrow if the event is a success, and if it is, like I’m sure it will be, many other performing artists will probably be soon to follow.  This is taking interactive social media to a new level, and I cannot wait to see how it continues to evolve in the future.


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September 29, 2010 at 6:25 pm

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