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University of Texas Shooting

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Earlier today I was informed by my cousin that there had been a shooting at her school, UT at Austin. She said that the shooter went into the library, fired 10-12 shots and then proceeded to take his own life. After hearing this story it automatically made me think of our class discussion yesterday about violence in the media.

School shootings seem to be occurring more and more throughout the years.  The most recent prior to today was Virginia Tech back in 2007. What is making these people act in such violent ways? Is it the video games that they are playing such as Grand Theft Auto or is it due to watching violent television shows or movies? Are these people simply just imitating the behavior they are viewing. Is it a psychological issue? Have these people not learned right from wrong? All these questions are very difficult to answer because it requires intense and thorough research that do not always come up with credible results.

No one is reported injured from the shooting. Police are still looking for another suspect. The University of Texas at Austin still remains in lock down mode.

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September 29, 2010 at 6:27 pm

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