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Weight Loss and the Media

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Every now and then, I think we all come across certain advancements in technology that make us stop and say “Are you kidding me?” Well, this was definitely one of them for me. A French company named Withings has developed a high tech scale that reads your weight, and then immediately sends your weight loss statistics to your Wi-Fi computer. Your progress will be able to be uploaded to Twitter, Blackberry, iPad or iPhone, and any other media outlet that is desired. The purpose of doing this is said to be for others to cheer you on in your weight loss goal, and that the aspect of others being able to view every step of your journey should be motivating to yourself and empowering to others.

Not only would I never want this type of information disclosed to the public, I cannot imagine anyone who would. While I understand that this could possibly be motivating for some, what about when someone gains weight during their weight loss endeavor? Would this technology be automatically programmed to update all of your Twitter followers on that as well? I was truly shocked when I learned that such an invention as this was created. I think that this invention highlights two key aspects of American society these days: our manifesting obsession with social media, and our constant struggle to lose weight. Never did I think that these two could be so closely related!

-Caitlin Landsman


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September 29, 2010 at 6:26 pm

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