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Facebook Makes Headlines Again with “The Social Network”

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For the most part that we all agree, particularly as college, the first thing you do when you sign on to the internet is type in It has become so popular in fact that its creation has been adapted to the big screen with “The Social Network”, topping box offices everywhere with its #1 movie slot. In fact, the movie has earned approx $28.7 million in under a week.

I saw it this weekend and I personally really enjoyed it. The acting was very good, Aaron Sorkin’s screenplay was witty and the plotline was fast paced and interesting. But it makes you wonder how much of this movie is actually based on fact, and what is fabricated to make a good movie?

Multiple interviews with Mark Zuckerberg after the movie’s release reveal that much of his character’s portrayal is not true to fact. While the plot line is roughly true, the writers did not have access to Zuckerberg’s interviews or any official documentation. All they had to go by was the writings from the court hearings. Zuckerberg was made out in a very unflattering light, basically a fast talking conniving pretty much asshole that screws over his friends and business partners to get ahead. Though entertaining, this character portrayal is actually said not to be true. He said he did not want to give movie writers personal interviews because he didn’t want to be misquoted and then have the defense of saying they talked to Zuckerberg himself. Mark actually considers this movie to be fiction on his account. It is just funny that a movie based on the public’s depiction of the media has been wrongly illustrated by none other than the media.

All in all, while the movie may not be entirely true to form, its still entertaining and making headlines and good money. I guess that’s what they made the movie for anyway, right?

To read more about the movie, the website is

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October 11, 2010 at 1:25 am

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