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This article talks about how one small postcard from an anonymous illegal immigrant changed the lives and actions of thousands. Although it is an old article, it is still relevant a few months later especially after all that has happened in the past month with the suicides of six gay teens. The fact that so many people would join a group asking the anonymous person not to jump off a bridge, telling them that their life is worth living shows just how much the country would help those in need. Those who joined the group, like me, might not have been able to get to San Fransisco, but people around the country showed support for those in need. The group that started the Facebook page have continued to be involved in helping prevent suicide. (Not to get all preacher-y here but…) Maybe if more people showed a little more compassion and didn’t play what they thought were harmless jokes, there would be less suicides. Until that day, let’s hope there is always someone around to tell other people that life is worth living.


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October 11, 2010 at 1:24 am

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