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Your Body Can Text You?

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Can your body text you on your phone?  This fantasy may soon be reality if Dutch research organization IMEC is successful.  This week, they previewed a new wireless body area network (BAN) that takes electrocardiogram sensors and turns them into wireless transmitters.  These transmitters will then be picked up by your cell phone and recorded to be later sent to your doctor.

This concept would make it easier for doctors and hospitals to track patients’ health from a distance as well as record data for long term data analysis.  Trainers and workout enthusiasts can also use this data to track their workouts.

Before implementation, several questions must be asked.  How reliable are these transmissions and can they be intercepted over the air?  This technology is years away, but it is a promising future for those who are looking for help with their long term health problems.


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October 11, 2010 at 1:26 am

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