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Apple Patents ‘Anti-Sexting’ Technology

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According to this article, Apple is coming out with a new way of filtering text messages in order to prevent “Sexting.” Gathered from the article, it seems as though parents are allowed to block certain words or phrases that would be considered as a form of “Sexting” lingo. It’s almost like having a channel block on a television, only now they are allowing parents to block what their children can send to one another on their cell phones. This however does not block images being sent to one another. Its filters “based on grade level” and also can filter based on “abbreviated words.”

I agree with Alexia Tsotsis, that people will find a way around this idea. But, I think that the idea of this has good reason and may be helpful for those parents that are worried about their children, but I’m interested in seeing how this works out. Are children going to find another way of “Sexting?” Or, is this the path that cell phone companies are taking to end the problem?



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October 18, 2010 at 4:05 pm

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