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Pediatricians Blame Media for Sex

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Our nation’s chief organization of pediatricians is now asking that doctors take charge in eliminating sex and violence from the lives of teenagers. The media, says the American Academy of Pediatrics, poses a serious threat to children and young teens and is the reason why aggression, sex, alcohol and drugs is present in their lives. This group is suggesting that doctors ask children specific questions about the types of music they listen to, whether or not they have a TV in their room and how much time they spend playing video games. They believe the answers will show a direct correlation to certain behaviors. They also feel that asking these questions could prompt additional examinations and talks with parents to help monitor the media exposure. If parents knew the lyrics of the songs that their kids were listening to, perhaps they would take a stronger stand.

The AAP panel viewed a variety of studies that showed associations between media and violence. They concluded that the associations between violence in television, movies or video games and actual violence among children are close to the strength of association between smoking cigarettes and getting lung cancer. This evidence is scary.

The group even included a list of requests for the entertainment industry, in order to help children live better lives. This seems relevant but my question is, why call on pediatricians? How can doctors influence what children are watching, listening to or doing in their free time? I suppose I will find out at my next check-up…

To find out more about why doctors fault the media for violence and sex, click here.



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October 18, 2010 at 4:02 pm

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