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Singing Japanese Fembot

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Video of Fembot Singing:

Popsci’s Robot of the week is the new Japanese Fembot who learns to sing by mimicking pop stars.  This divabot, an HRP-4, uses breath-analysis software and mouth-movement observations to not only mimick pop stars singing, but also their movements, down to the head tilting, blinking, mouth moving, and facial expressions.  Other software is used such as, “VocaListener to synthesize notes, and a program called Vocawatcher to analyze a singer’s facial tics as she belts out a tune.”  Masataka Goto, the leader of the Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology’s media interaction group, says that he believes the entertainment industry has to embrace robots if they are ever going to be widely accepted.

Personally, this robot creeps me out, and I do not see anything beneficial coming out of it.  I do not understand why this is being invented, and what we would need robots in the entertainment industry for.  I like the real entertainers better.  The only thing that I could see this being good for is the gaming industry, I am sure the robot could be used in a way to improve or expand on games like rock band.  Other than that, I think that we should be spending more time making robots that could actually be useful.


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October 18, 2010 at 4:04 pm

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