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Air Force Manual Describes Cyberwar World

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There is a new Air Force manual for cyberwarfare that describes the rapidly changing world in which anonymous enemies can carry out horribly devastating attacks.  These attacks are different than normal terrorism becuase they can occur in seconds and there is no geographical, spacial or timely issues involved in the attack.  The manual is 62 pages of definitions, acronyms and explanations.  It describes what to do and who to report to if this ever does occur.  These enemies hide their locations and identities through tons of data that flows through the system at once and the international computer networks don’t have a chance to deactivated or even realize what it is until the attackers have made it into the system.  It was stated that enemies have been trying to hack into home and office networks in the US “millions of times a day, 24/7”.  The main aspect of this new manual is to become defensive and hopefully proactive instead of having to be reactive if an attack does occur.  One example of an attack which is mentioned in the manual is the ability to shutdown electrical power to key power grids of enemy leadership.  The article also discusses just how dependent society as well as the military has become on computer networks for communication, banking, manufacturing and the distribution of utilities.  In 2005 there was an incident in which attackers got access to personal information from over 37,000 members of the Air Force.  Though this manual is not going to protect completely it is viewed as the first step in the right direction to protecting the US military and society from outside attacks from these hackers.


Written by katherinew11

October 27, 2010 at 7:12 pm

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