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Facebook Privacy Issues

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This article discusses how applications used by those on facebook have the ability to leak personal information about these people to other companies. Even users with the highest privacy settings can be subject to this kind of privacy breach. The creators of applications such as Farmville and Frontierville (two of the top two applications used on facebook) are not affiliated with facebook, but have allowed users information to be viewed by other companies who use it to do online tracking. At this point, companies have been denying their involvement, or knowledge of the security breaches that have taken place; however, this is a serious breach of facebook’s privacy policy. In order to fix this, facebook has developed more control over its applications and now allows users to see exactly what kind of information the creators of these applications have the ability to see. Facebook is also taking efforts to minimize their number of applications which violate its privacy policy, despite the growing source of revenue these applications are for facebook.

Despite facebook’s efforts, the breach of privacy is still very disheartening. The number of facebook users who take part in Farmville is massive, and knowing that all of these people may have their personal information leaked to online tracking companies is scary. Hopefully, studies like this one will help people understand how readily available their private information is when put on the internet.

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October 27, 2010 at 6:56 pm

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