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Google attempts to imitate Facebook

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Google Is Determined to Crack the Social Code


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Google has been struggling to keep up with the social aspect of technology, comparing itself to popular social networks such as Facebook.  Google believes it will begin to lose business if it does not improve its communication mechanisms rather than just your typical search engine.  “Google has been trying to create social components, most recently with Buzz, a service that gives Gmail users the ability to share status updates, photos and videos.”  The program “Buzz” has remained somewhat unsuccessful and not well known among internet users.  Many individuals look to Facebook or Myspace for more communication interactions among one another rather than Google.  I bring up this article because it addresses the issue of the internet as a whole and what it is becoming.  Earlier today a fellow classmate addressed the issue and dangers surrounding Facebook.  Facebook allows its users to become extremely vulnerable and therefore opening the option for dangerous predators to attack.  Will Google inherit the same meanings and intentions as Facebook?  Haven’t we as a generation had enough with the new era of social networking?


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October 27, 2010 at 6:57 pm

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