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Never have to see your Ex again!

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Facebook is famous for its fast delivery of fresh and exciting stories of the events and happenings of your friends. It is constantly refreshing itself to give you the most recent posts, photos and updates of the world around you. However with its addition of the “photo memories” installment, it also been able to deliver flashbacks of past events. Though it is not stated how Facebook determines whose photo memories are brought to you, they always seem relevant and interesting. Seeing pictures of you and an old acquaintance can spark up nostalgia and the desire to reconnect with them. A photo of past family memories can help combat home sickness. It seems like the “Photo Memories” addition is more or less a positive one. That is… until you get reminders of bad memories.

A group was started on Facebook in relation to the photo memories of their past relationships. A photo memory of an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend can stir up all kinds of emotions that are not necessarily good or wanted. I tend to agree with the people of this group that it is not a positive thing to be reminded of an old fling or even a bad mistake. Their plea to change the photo memories option was heard by the Facebook creators. Facebook Photos Project Manager Sam Odio commented on this issue saying “I’d like to let you know that we’re listening to your feedback. The photo memories product no longer shows tagged photos of your friends if you were previously in a relationship with them.”

So now you no longer have to worry about that ex popping up on your profile and stirring up unwanted emotions. The creators were able to somehow alter the algorithm to figure out who’s updates you are most interested in and exclude past relationships. Photo Memories are no longer haunting memories, just fond ones. Now if only Facebook could invent something to avoid seeing your Ex’s in person!


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October 27, 2010 at 7:02 pm

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