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Starbucks Wi-Fi now includes free digital content

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Starbucks recently announced that its stores would have free Wi-Fi, but now that Wi-Fi includes free content that would not be free anywhere else. The “Starbucks Digital Network” includes access to the Wall Street Journal, (which is normally $100/year for a subscription) as well as the New York Times Reader which also usually requires a subscription. The network also gives its users access to free songs on iTunes and use of the restaurant-rating website Zagat which also requires a subscription.

So, we’re all wondering, why and how is Starbucks doing this? Well, they tried to pick services aimed at the coffee shop’s current demographics, such as business sites and Men and Women’s Health. Because these free services are available, I’m sure that they hope that people will choose to stay and hang out in Starbucks longer, doing work, and utilizing their digital network. By staying at Starbucks longer and more frequently, the customers are more like to purchase additional refreshments from the counter. An amazing marketing stunt if you ask me!

I definitely want to go to Starbucks to check out their digital service. I would read more newspapers and articles online if they did not require a subscription-now I know that there is a place to access these articles for free! I also think that the free music on iTunes is appealing to a broad range of demographics. I may now choose to go across the street to Starbucks to do work and use the benefits of the Wi-Fi over the library or my room. The Starbucks Digital Network sounds very exciting and seems as though it is certainly worth a try.


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October 27, 2010 at 7:00 pm

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