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The Fox/Cablevision Standoff

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According to the article, “Fox, Cablevision Retrans Standoff Sours, Fox and Cablevision do not seem any closer to reaching a truce. The article states that at this point in time, Cablevision has a commercial running explaining to its viewers how to watch Fox broadcasts on illegal websites. These websites are pirating Fox streams and sending them out to the masses, which is an obvious copyright infringement. The CEO of Cablevision has received a letter from Fox’s attorney stating that their actions have significantly contributed to copyright infringement, and the commercials should be taken down immediately. Cablevision returned with a statement that did not show any remorse. They blamed News Corp. which blocked the Internet in an effort to shift away attention from their taking away Fox streaming to 3 million Cablevision households. Due to this new information, it does not seem as though Fox and Cablevision are any closer to a resolution. Many households may in fact go without the World Series this season.

It is clear that Cablevision is facing a series issue without having Fox shows to broadcast to its viewers. Their viewers are getting antsy as the World Series approaches, and they are looking for alternative methods of watching Fox broadcasts. While this may be true, for Cablevision to explain to its viewers how to watch Fox shows illegally on the Internet is completely uncalled for. Watching those shows on the Internet is not only illegal, but it is a threat to Fox as a network. It seems that Cablevision is going about this the wrong way. Instead of making Fox more angry and therefore pushing them farther away from a resolution, some discussions should be had tot decide how the relationship can be mended. These low blows and dirty tactics are not only bad for the opposing sides, but they also shed a negative light on their own company for viewers. By putting themselves so far into the spotlight, both Fox and Cablevision are sending messages about their companies and their ethics to all those watching. As any TV broadcasting company, it is important to keep in mind what kind of message you are sending your viewers. In this case, it is not a good one.


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October 27, 2010 at 7:15 pm

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