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Blue Mountain State

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“Blue Mountain State” is a comedy show that is shown on Spike TV. The show is based on a fictional college that emphasizes the stereotypes of football players and female students in a college setting. “Blue Mountain State” contains sexual content, excessive consumptions of alcohol and drugs and the media’s version of what college life should be and consists of. In the show the football players are able to get away with almost everything, including missing all of their classes, having “nerds” and “computer geeks” at their beck and call, doing all of their homework for them. They focus on how football players do excessive amounts of hard drugs, and performance enhancing drugs including HGH and steroids and still are able to find a way to pass drug tests. They are also shown as being able to sleep with any girl that they want. In this show, college females are shown as “easy” wearing skimpy clothes, and throwing themselves at the football players. The characters in this show all portray different stereotypes that football players face. The character Thad is the captain of the team, and he is shown to be extremely attractive but also very dumb, which is a typical stereotype that many college football players face. Alex is the backup quarterback who does whatever possible to make sure he doesn’t play, to ensure that he could party hard and continue having the easy college life of a football player. The female characters are also shown to be not very bright, and looking for any chance to take off their clothes for the football players.
I have actually watched this show multiple times, and I believe it is extremely funny. But I see how the media is exaggerating how college life is in reality. From what I have experienced from college, yes there is a lot of sex, drugs and alcohol, but not to the extent to which this show portrays. And being a female student I do not agree with the fact that college girls throw themselves at men, doing whatever they can just to sleep with them. I have looked at a lot of reviews of this show and many of them say that it is degrading towards women, and gives a negative stereotype of football players. But in my opinion it is just a show and in the media sex does sell.


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November 8, 2010 at 4:09 pm

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