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It seems Jimmy Fallon has to watch out, not only for Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien being funnier than him, but newcomer, Paul Costabile, who joins the ring of Late Night hosting with his internet show, “Gorilla Late Night,” the only late night show from the streets of Times Square, NY.
Paul started the show in August of 2009 and has gained quite a following, including a spot in the New York Times, when he crashed Fashion Week.
His website has gotten a significant amount of “hits” and has left quite a footprint on Youtube, with his Spoofs of “Jersey Shore.” The show is like any other Late Night show, in that it has a guest and a “skit,” which is filmed earlier on in the week. Andy Kaufman’s brother, Michael Kaufman, who is actually very much involved in comedy, came on the show and said, “This is how Television should be.” The entire concept of the show and even how Paul is able to create such unique and brilliantly crafted sketches each week, and be funny, is refreshing. I have first hand experience with working on the show and I know the amount of work needed to be put into it as well as how difficult it is to promote the show on the internet. It is a lot harder than you think but when the talent is clear and passionate about taking this show to the top, who’s  to stop Paul Costabile.


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November 8, 2010 at 4:18 pm

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