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KTVA Reporters Burned By Accidental Voice Message

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The link above is the transcript and audio of the conversation that was mistakenly recorded as a voice-mail on Senate candidate Joe Miller’s spokesperson’s phone. A KTVA reporter forgot to hang up her phone after talking to spokesperson, Randy DeSoto, which caused a huge scene. The KTVA reporter first discussed getting a list of Miller campaign supporters in order to ‘find’ a ‘child molester.’ Then, the reporter and fellow employees talked about creating a ‘Rand Paul’ incident at the then upcoming Miller Rally, hoping for violence so that they could ‘send out a tweet’ and ‘Facebook’ that ‘Miller got punched’ at the rally. Throughout this conversation there were many laughs, but when it was noticed that the phone was still on, the room became silent. The reporter than preceded to text DeSoto and apologize for the long voice-mail, but it was too late. DeSoto was shocked by the comments that were made. In my opinion, the issue is not what exactly was said during the message, because all campaigns try to make the competitor look bad, but it is that such a careless mistake was made. In important jobs like those, dealing with society and elections, those mistakes just shouldn’t happen. It is alright to joke around about fabricating stories because lets face it, our media contains those things such as pseudo events, but to be caught due to your own mistake is just pitiful. I think after this mess, KTVA is going to lose confidence in their viewers, and Joe Miller is going to gain support.


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November 8, 2010 at 4:06 pm

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