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Limewire gets shut down

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The media downloading giant Limewire is now under federal investigation and is being ordered to shut down permanently by Manhattan federal judge, Kimba Wood. For over a decade Limewire has been a source of audio/visual media consumption where people were able to download and upload information freely without any real background on the source of the content. The shutting down of Limewire is a big step in the ongoing battle with piracy and illegal downloading of copyrighted content. By taking down a giant like Limewire, the federal court system is sending out a real message to providers and users of pirated media that hard action is finally being taken and legal retribution will be forced on violators. However, Limewire is just a big fish in a giant ocean of illegal media content. There are literally thousands of ways to download pirated music, videos and movies from the internet. Although taking Limewire down is a great first step for the court system, they are in over their heads. There is no way to target and shut down every single source of pirated material, it would be a forever ongoing project. The best idea for the federal court is to continue to attack random individuals who use these sites or services. Taking down a site does not affect the thought process of one of its users, they have no emotional attachment to the site and can just as easily use another. However if there are random strikes and arrests of consumers, then much like random steroid testing in baseball, you will see a decline in the number of users. Basically, the federal court needs to put out a Mitchell Report for illegal downloading.



Written by Kenman

November 8, 2010 at 4:02 pm

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