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Bring Technology to Remote Areas

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Technology is something that we use in our everyday lives: from computers, to cell phones, to tvs, to ipods. We have bgun to take this technology for granted. However, what if you didn’t have any of this technology? What if you were thrown back into the days where TVs weren’t popular and your family had one house phone…no cell phones. Scary thought huh? How would you talk to friends? What would you do without your beloved technology? If you ever wanted to find out, you could move to Beaver Island, Michigan.

In this remote island, technology has no place. The 650 residents of this town prefer to live without the technology that we have come to count on. The article that I chose to read focused in on one woman in particular who believes that “if you never have it, you can never miss it”. Muggs Bass, a 70 year old woman living on the island, chooses not to own any pieces of this technology. She lives her life simply and still stands by the fact that this is the way she likes it. The only time that Bass uses this technology is when she takes a trip down to the local health clinic to video chat on a large TV screen. Who is she chatting with you may wonder? Other cancer patients and survivors like herself. The clinic offers this service to its patients because they understand that the island is so remote that many people don’t have much contact with others outside of their small community. Bass claims that the ability to have this chat with other cancer patients is a blessing to her and those on the island. Although, she still stands by the fact that this is as far as she will go with technology.

This is just one example that we can look at of how technology is improving our world. Without the ability to video chat, Muggs Bass would be unable to have the support and be the support to others that need it. With the evolution of technology, it isn’t hard to imagine that even those who are set in their “old ways” will begin to see the benefits of these emerging pieces of technology. So, when everything negative is being discussed with how technology is “taking over our lives” or “ruining our lives”, keep in mind the benefits because if we focus on the positives rather then the negatives, the possibilites for technology are limitless.

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November 19, 2010 at 5:44 pm

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