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facebook posts that are dangerous to share

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Recently there was a survey done by Identity Theft 911 that revealed that some Facebook personal information people casually post can actually put you at risk for burlary or identity theft. For example, posting your date of birth including month, day and year, are valuable information for identity thieves. A simple Google search of your name will bring up your Facebook name as well as your birth date, regardless if you are friends or not with the person. The same is true with posting your child’s birthday. This is just further personal information that identity thieves can use to falsey prove your identity. Posting your travel plans as your status basically just extends an invitation for people to burglarize your home. It is never safe to tell the internet world you are away from your home. For example, 3 men from New Hampshire successfully robbed 18 homes solely by reading Facebook statuses. Furthermore, it is especially unsafe to post your full address, giving strangers further access into your personal life and resisdence. Lastly, revealing your mother’s maiden name is an important piece of information identity thieves need for proof online when proving your identity.

All in all, people need to realize how vast and accessible Facebook is. If you have one, which most people do, make sure to be cautious in the information you post.  Just because you are not friends with someone, does not necessarily mean they cannot access your information.


Written by dcallari

November 19, 2010 at 7:49 pm

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