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It’s okay to bash your boss on facebook, says the NLRB

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Ever felt the urge to complain about something on Facebook? Of course you have. For most people, it’s a place where one can resort to in order to express their feelings. Over the years there have been many cases in which people have gotten in trouble after posting something negative about their workplace or supervisors on the internet. The National Labor Relations Board states that if 2 or more of your co-workers join in and they also criticize your boss, you might be more likely to be protected then if you are alone in the act. I don’t necessarily agree with or understand the stance that the NLRB takes on this issue. Does that mean that in order to say something negative about the workplace you must make sure to “friend” a fellow employee who will most likely agree with you and comment on your post? Just because more than one person feels the same way as you, should not mean that it’s okay. In my opinion, the best way to stay out of trouble with your supervisor would be to not say anything at all. It’s absolutely okay and natural for someone to want to be frustrated with their job and want to vent about it, however it’s best to speak about those issues privately. After all the internet is a public outlet that everyone, including your boss can see.
-Corinn Piazza


Written by corinnpiazza

November 19, 2010 at 5:45 pm

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