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Kanye West in Trouble…Again?

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This past weekend I saw many commercials for Matt Lauer’s interview with former President George W. Bush, which aired primetime on Monday. They showed clips on the Today Show prior to interview airing, and one clip that caught my eye involved Kanye West. At first, I had no idea why Kanye was being mentioned in relation to Bush. We all know that Kayne has a tendency to become involved in other people’s business, making comments about anything and everything. Last year at the VMA’s Kanye notoriously stole the microphone away from Taylor Swift after she had won her award, and ranted about how the award should have gone to Beyonce instead.  He later apologized to Taylor, but the event will certainly never be forgotten. Kanye created a stir in a similar way after Hurricane Katrina when he stated that Bush “doesn’t care about black people.” He also apologized to Bush in a taped message that was shown to him while he was being interviewed by Lauer. Bush later says he forgives him and “appreciates” his apology. Honestly, I don’t see how this pattern of speaking out and then simply apologizing can be acceptable. He seems to be making the same mistakes over and over again. West said that he “spoke out-of-turn during an emotional moment and regrets his choice of words”, but what do his apologies really mean? Kanye may be a prominent figure in the world of hip hop and rap, but in my mind, his actions seem to discredit his reputation.

-Nicole Grosjean

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November 19, 2010 at 7:46 pm

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