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“My Big Friggin’ Wedding”

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Besides Jersey Shore, another show recently came out that is causing much controversy over Italian-American stereotypes.  It’s My Big Friggin’ Wedding.  In it, cameras follow young Italian-American couples from New Jersey and Long Island as they plan their wedding, up until the big day.  The couples are shown constantly drinking, cursing, and fighting.  They do not appear “classy” to say the least.  Many Italian-Americans, including the group Unico National , say that this show is exploiting the couples and stereotyping Italian-Americans to make a lot of money.  They want it off the air.

As an Italian-American myself, I understand how these individuals feel, but I do not think it needs be taken off the air.  If these couples are willing to be a part of the show and risk embarrassment, that is their own issue.  Some people may get the impression that many Italian-Americans act in this way, but  I feel that most viewers realize that this is not a documentary of all Italian-Americans.  It is a show purely for entertainment, and that is why it is on the VH1 network.

Watch the trailer at this link and make your own opinions:


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November 19, 2010 at 7:40 pm

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