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Search Engine Ruling the World?

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So apparently Google is pretty green. They have covered their headquarters in solar panels and now offer “plug-in electric vehicles for employees to use to run errands during the work day.” However, Google’s efforts at being green haven’t stopped there, they have just recently committed to fund “37.5 percent of the equity for the initial development stage” of a massive wind farm project off the East Coast stretching from New Jersey to Virginia. This massive wind farm when completed is supposed to have the capability to power almost 2 million homes.

But, lets think about this guys, Google is taking a massive share of an energy project that will affect 2 million households. Imagine Google being the majority owner of your electricity, not exactly what I had in mind. This is not to say that Google is going to exploit their position of power, and the company has every right to make an investment, its just an unusual area for a search engine to dip its toes in. All signs say that it should be a good investment, especially with all of the energy issues with rising east coast populations.  This investment comes on top of a recent North Dakota wind farm funding by Google of almost 40 million dollars. I can’t outright say that Google shouldn’t be involved in this area of business, and it makes undeniable fiscal sense plus its certainly working well with the companies efforts to be green, however that being said, the whole thing makes me a little uneasy. I don’t like seeing any one person, or one company gain too much power. History has told us again and again that when a person or company becomes too powerful, its bad news. The idea that Google, with all it already does, could also be providing energy for 2 million households is frightening frankly. I don’t think Google has any business dealing with public energy products, the company can make plenty of money elsewhere. This may all be speculative, and a little on the conspiracy theorist side, but I say watch out, or we will all be living in the United States of Google.

News Story by Nancy Gohring, IDG News — for further reading click here


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November 19, 2010 at 5:43 pm

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