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A Palin Oops?

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We are living in an age where Facebook has become a big part of our lives. We use the website to talk to friends, post pictures and express our feelings. Often times we don’t think twice about what we post online, but perhaps we should. In fact, the Palin family has just learned this first hand. There is controversy now surrounding Sarah Palin’s daughter, Willow. Willow used homophobic slurs to attack a facebook user who had criticized her mom’s new reality show. A boy who went to school with the Palin kids, who’s name is Tre, wrote this status update, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska, is failing so hard right now.” Willow responded by saying “Haha your so gay. I have no idea who you are, But what I’ve seen pictures of, your disgusting … My sister had a kid and is still hot. Tre stfu. Your such a f**got.” Bristol Palin, the better known of the two, also added her piece of mind saying “You’re running your mouth just to talk sh*t.”

The harsh words didn’t just stop there. As more people began to comment on the reality show, Willow had this to say, “Sorry that you guys are all jealous of my families success and you guys aren’t goin to go anywhere with your lives.” As much as I can see that she did this to defend her family, she should of thought about it a little harder. Her family is very much in the limelight and with that, you need to expect criticism since that is what you essentially signed up for. With her mom being a political figure this is especially harmful. These girls should probably get used to more scrutiny in the future.



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November 20, 2010 at 10:58 pm

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