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Axe – Pushing the Limit?

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While watching MTV2 with a friend at about 1am or so, I happened to see Axe’s new commercial – to which my friend and I both couldn’t believe our eyes. Axe, a popular line of men’s hygiene products, has been notorious for their provocative commercials over the past few years. However, this new one brings “provocative” to a whole other level. Instead of scenes containing women throwing themselves all over men, Axe decided to tell men how their products can be used to, bluntly, “clean their balls”. The commercial shows young, attractive women with various sports balls explaining how to use various Axe products to achieve a well washed area. Axe is far from subtle – the innuendos are loud and clear for all ages, since this sort of representation has been used in popular culture forever.

I was not offended by the commercial, and although I’m a girl, I can’t exactly say the commercial swayed me towards the Axe company very much. My friend and I literally sat there with our mouths wide open, amazed that something so outrageously inappropriate even found its way on television. Granted, it was early in the morning on a channel geared towards the younger generation, but I still think it speaks volumes for what both television is willing to show and audiences are willing to consume.


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November 20, 2010 at 10:58 pm

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