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God Save the Queen…. or culture?

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With the recent announcement of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s engagement this week, an interesting topic I wanted to take a look at was anglophilia in the media.  By definition, anglophilia simply is an obsession with British culture.  As Americans, it is clearly evident that a decent portion of the population, especially myself, is fond of those across the pond.  From American versions of such popular, originally British shows as NBC’s “The Office” and MTV’s upcoming drama “Skins” to artists like Florence + The Machine and Taio Cruz finding success in the states, Americans simply can’t get enough.  It leads one to wonder why such a phenomenon even exists, and why, more importantly, is the obsession solely with this culture.

In my personal opinion, I believe anglophilia stems from Americans wanting to be more culturally aware.  Therefore, by having a knowledge of British figures and current events (The Parliament airs on TV 24/7.), we will come across as more cultured and experienced.  Through watching British TV shows or listening to specific artists, we seem to escape the mundane American pop culture (which currently includes “Jersey Shore” and Ke$ha overload) in favor of entertainment we find more diverse, talented, and different.  In raising the question of why the fascination seems to only exists for the Brits, I truly can’t say.  It may be due to our cultural proximity (We speak the same language after all.) or being allies for over a century.  However, why Americans don’t flock to African, Asian, or even other European culture seems quite odd.  Yet, in the end, regardless of the psychology behind it all, there is no denying that the Brits churn out great hits (For example) and have highly entertaining news stories (Amy Winehouse anyone?) that have all ultimately left on our somewhat red, white and blue society.

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November 20, 2010 at 11:00 pm

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