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Skype 5.0 is the newest version of Skype for Windows.  Some new features of Skype 5.0 include the Group Video Chat; which allows you to chat with up to nine people at once; and the Automatic Call Recovery which automatically tries to reconnect dropped calls and offers tips and advice to help you diagnose the problem and avoid dropped calls in the future.  Although these are promising features, the best new feature of Skype 5.0 is the Facebook Tab.  Some of you who use Skype and have a Facebook may have noticed a little Skype icon next to certain people’s names on Facebook; this is because of the integration of the two forms of social media.  Now, you can set your Skype mood and sync it with Facebook.  You can also comment and like through Skype and you can Skype.  There is be a Facebook news feed on Skype that display’s a list of activity identical to your Facebook news feed, only, below each status update there are two noticeable Skype buttons namely SMS or Call.  You can SMS or Call any of your friends who have their number posted in their Facebook information.  Also, you can Skype call any friend on Facebook who also uses Skype for free, as well as send messages to each other.  I think that this is a great move for both Facebook and Skype because so many people use both forms of media and I can’t see any downsides to this integration.  I know that personally it has proved very beneficial.

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November 20, 2010 at 10:51 pm

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