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“Super-Logoff” for the Privacy conscious

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If you’re a privacy freak, and over nervous about what others post about you on Facebook, this article is sure to peak your interest!

With anyone from relatives to employers having access to Facebook, it has become essential to keep what is posted on your profile in check. Even with careful monitoring of your friends, your photos and your comments there still is a risk of someone who has access to your wall posting something that you would rather not be up there. However, the makers of Facebook have made it notoriously difficult for a person to actually delete there profile and have created a feature that allows you to temporarily deactivate your account. This temporary deactivation has been given the term “super- log off” because of its ability to shut down your Facebook entirely, and then turn in back on with a simple reactivation.

Instead of simply exiting out of the window or clicking the “log out” button under the “Account” tab, the deactivation of your profile makes you completely nonexistent in the Facebook world. Your comments, posts, photos and friends will all be stored for when you reactivate your account, however your profile will be inaccessible to anyone. No longer will you have to worry about friends posting crude comments on your wall while you’re away or people digging into your past via your profile.

While many people may see this as an exaggerated measure of protection, others see it as a necessity. The article reports on an interviewed girl named Mikalah who practices this risk-reduction strategy.  “Mikalah and others like her want their friends to post stuff on their wall or tag them in a photo, but they don’t want them doing it when they’re not there to make sure it’s okay. Most importantly, someone like Mikalah doesn’t want any friends of friends digging up her profile when she’s not ‘around.’ Deactivating her age literally erases her from Facebook. She becomes untraceable.” There are still privacy settings that can be altered to your liking to prevent access to your Facebook by unwanted guests that are not as extreme as the “super log-off.” It just depends on your privacy preferences and how tech-savy you may be!


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November 20, 2010 at 10:52 pm

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