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House Democrats Stand Strong, Protect National Treasure

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Many pundits were calling the latest election a “referendum on President Obama and his time in office” and many predicted a major back-clash against him. Of course, most people want to blame all the problems in the world on someone other than themselves, and it is easiest to just put it on a leader who is of an opposing view.

The election has passed, and we all know now that Obama has to battle a lame duck congress. It will be interesting to see what he is able to get done and how much Democrats will put up a fight and be strong in their weakened position.. Overall, the political environment is a constantly swinging pendulum. While the pundits claimed with Obama’s election a dramatic shift to the left, going as far as using the label “socialisit”, now things seem to be shifting back the other way.

Republicans wasted no time coming in and grasping for power wherever they could. They seem poised to attack anything that seems like some point of refuge for liberals. Instead of seeking solutions to real problems that exist, Republicans continue to create witch hunts and focus intense effort trying to defeat measures which are actually good for the people. Trying to gain propaganda points, conservatives are once again dropping the ball on what is really important in life.

Case in Point: Republicans made a unified stand to try and cut funding for National Public Radio. Conservatives would have their constituency believe that NPR  is just a pet project of Liberals, when in reality, NPR provides a very objective view on news, events, and politics in the world. It also provides invaluable service and entertainment to the local markets it serves.

While the Republican opposition to NPR was unified, the Left has stood strong. They steadfastly protected NPR, and a wonderful public service remains off the chopping block…..for now.


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November 21, 2010 at 3:12 am

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