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The 411 on Four Loko

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We have all heard that our favorite weekend drink is under some harsh criticism. Four Loko is a canned malt beverage with the same amount of caffeine as four cans of soda and the same alcohol content as a bottle of wine. The media scrutiny of this drink is becoming a popular across the country.  In a recent news article, “Liquor stores see run on Four Loko” printed in the Boston Herald, the hectic state of young people trying to get their hands on the last remaining cans is described. The article also describes the reasoning for the FDA’s new restrictions on the manufacturers of the beverage. The buzz all began when college students posted videos and pictures of themselves drinking the “black out in a can” on social networking sites like facebook, and soon after word traveled quickly to other college students. The Four Loko phenomenon swept the country by storm, masking alcohol with energy and fruity flavors. For those who had never tried Four Loko the recent media coverage has done nothing to encourage experimentation in my opinion. Kids see that this is their last chance to have this drink and are stocking up and chugging cans. This story is not really news worthy, its not exactly ground-breaking. Sure college students are upset, I’m even upset, but the coverage is slightly ridiculous. Below is the link to the article I stumbled upon that sparked this post, there is even a video embedded that I found interesting as well. The moral of the story is liquor stores are being flocked to by young people who want just one last taste of Four Loko, and I don’t think Marist is any different.


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November 21, 2010 at 3:08 am

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