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The Case For Banning “Four Loko’s” in New York

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Banning the popular and raucous drink “Four Loko” in New York is a great idea because it has only continued on as a persistent news headline and as an incurable headache. While self-control with alcohol is an individual responsibility, “Four Loko” is truly an uncontrollable substance that wrests control away from the consumer. I have experienced this both by watching others on a Loko-tailspin as well as my own ill-fated run-in with Four Loko’s deadly toxins. Four Loko’s don’t even allow an imbiber the satisfaction of getting buzzed – cracking a Four Loko is basically a one-way ticket to blackout, all of this from consuming as little as one drink. Beyond the blackout, the high concentrations of caffeine, sugars and alcohol make for instant sickness that will linger on throughout the night and next day. Four Loko’s truly live up to their name. I think it is a very dangerous drink and that against a sea of other alcoholic energy drinks out there, this particular drink can do no good for anyone. With the ever-growing list of accidents, Loko-induced heart attacks, and drunken stupidity and sickness that surely follow, consumers beware of this deadly combination.|main5|5|link2|25989

Written by clairebevacqua

November 21, 2010 at 3:07 am

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