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Digital holiday window displays signal a change in times

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With Thanksgiving only a few days away, the holiday season is fast approaching. The radio has begun playing Christmas music, the malls are decorated with Christmas trees, and some houses are even strung with lights. I love visiting New York City during the holiday season and enjoying all of the holiday activities it offers, from the Rockefeller Christmas Tree to the Radio City Christmas Show. Tourists flock to the city to see the holiday displays in the windows of many department stores lining Fifth Avenue. But walk up to Bloomingdales or Macy’s today and you won’t see the typical window displays with animatronics characters or constructed scenery. The displays have gone digital-Bloomingdales has filled its windows with over 100 screens of different sizes, creating a mosaic of sorts depicting various winter and holiday scenes. Lord & Taylor, however, is still sticking to tradition, filling its windows with 12 mechanical constructions.

It seems as though this shift to digital window displays is a sign of the changing times. A recent segment on the Today show discussed the change, and the anchors did not seem to be overly excited. Personally, I feel that the effect of the window displays is diminished with these digital screens. I love walking up to the windows to see the scenery moving, and the fact that each window tells a story. Now, the screens are set to six-minute looping videos of snow falling with “Carol of the Bells” playing in the background. I want to see a display, not just stare at a screen as if I’m in an electronics store. These new displays certainly show how technologically advanced and dependent our society is, but I believe that there are certain things better left unchanged when it comes to holiday traditions.

-Nicole Grosjean

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December 1, 2010 at 2:49 am

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