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iPod in the Classroom

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This video shows a high school that has given students a new iPod touch to use during their classes. The students are using the iPods to help them understand various topics in math, but will probably be expanded to other subjects as well. The teacher can send diagrams etc… to the students iPods for them to get a closer look at and hopefully a better understanding. The iPods must be connected to the internet with this so it could pose the problem of cheating etc… between students. Another interesting thing is that the students were given the new iPods with cameras on them, so they are able to FaceTime chat with their teachers after school in order to get help with homework. How will this be affecting teachers and their personal lives and even salary. If teachers will be expected to answer students 24/7 by video and other means would that not mean they are working, and therefore deserve an increased salary as a result of using this technology?


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December 1, 2010 at 2:52 am

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