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Media’s Destruction of a Family

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Kate Gosselin: Collin and Alexis Are Struggling the Most,,20446198,00.html

Time after time we see relationships, families, friendships torn apart because of fame.  The mass media places an immense amount of pressure on those living in the spotlight.  For instance, recall Hulk Hogan and his wife’s ugly divorce/betrayal shortly after their reality television show.  We all remember the reality series “Jon and Kate plus 8” recently aired in the past couple of years, as well as terminated last year.  Jon and Kate were raising 8 children, fraternal twins and sextuplets.  In reality, outside of television, raising 8 children is difficult as it is, but when placed under the spotlight, the fame could drive any sain person wild.  Soon after the show began, Jon and Kate were separated in September of 2009.  In my opinion this family was torn apart because of their lifestyle under the public eye.  The article I posted here discusses a recent incident with two of the children, Colin and Alexis, both 6 years old.  Supposed stories claim the two children were expelled from school because of bad behavior.  Honestly, how can you expect these children to be normal after what they have been through in the past couple of years?  The separation of their parents, the reality tv show, forced to act like normal children, all of these characteristics lead for a cry for help.  The article explains Kate’s side of the story claiming her children were not expelled the school  just felt that they could not meet the needs of these two children any longer.  Whether or not this is true, these children obviously need time out of the spotlight and a chance to experience the life of a real family.  The fame this family experienced broke them apart and continues to focus on their failure.  This is true for many Hollywood stars and it makes one ask themselves when will enough be enough?  Does misery really provide entertainment and is the fame worth losing a family or relationship?


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December 3, 2010 at 8:12 pm

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