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Sending a love letter…via the internet

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A Los Angeles man whose girlfriend is going to school at Duke University in North Carolina needs your help. Yes, yours. He and his friends made a video love letter, in the form of a song, and posted it on YouTube. He wants her to be able to see it, but not by sending it to her: he wants it to be sent by tweet, Facebook status or just by her seeing it by chance.

Not many of us have a full band at our disposal to write a love song to our significant other. He’s one of the lucky ones: he lives with a band called The Daylights. Walter C. Mays, the Los Angeles man, and his friends shot the video in a few hours in a garage.

People are unsure if this is a gimmick to get The Daylights’ song purchased or if it actually is a love letter to his girlfriend, but either way, it’s working. As of this posting, the video was at 161,448 views, and it was posted on Tuesday.

Personally, I think it’s sweet that the man wants his girlfriend to find this video. Even if the story isn’t actually true, the video is really cute and the idea behind it is endearing. I would love to get a song written and sung just for me and have the whole world hear it.


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December 3, 2010 at 8:13 pm

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