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Whats Eating You?

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“Whats Eating You” is a 6 part series on E! showcasing what is means to have a debilitating eating disorder. It follows 12 sufferer’s stories, and how these men and woman constantly battle with their body image while letting their compulsions and food rituals ruin their lives. The show delves deep inside their personal stories as they open up to cameras how long they have been suffering and what unhealthy things they do with food, such as eating food from the trash compactor and eating chalk.

While this show is fairly explicit, I think its a great show for the media to air, especially on a channel like E! which gains many younger viewer’s attention. Eating disorders are a vast problem that could affect any person in different ways, so it pays to be educated about it. Even if you yourself don’t suffer from an eating disorder, others around you might without your knowledge. It is really helpful to gain knowledge and awareness about these disorders, especially one that is so prevalent in our age group. On the shows website and during commercials, it gives links and hotlines to contact in case you have comments, questions or need counseling, which I believe is a great idea as well. This show’s in depth content could essentially save people’s lives by either making others aware of their condition, or pushing them to get the help they need. I feel if there were more shows on the air such as this, the media can positivly work towards curing problems many people are suffering though.


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December 3, 2010 at 8:11 pm

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