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Wikileaks Publishes Secret US Diplomatic Cables

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A recent article in the New York Times highlighted the recent controversy surrounding the release of what the government is calling “stolen” diplomatic cables between 270 United States Embassies around the world and various sources by According to their cleverly christened “Cablegate” page, 291 of 251,287 cables currently in the organizations possession.

Wikileaks is a not-for-profit organization, which aims to undermine government secrecy by revealing classified documents to the general public via the web. According to the site, wikileaks “provide[s] an innovative, secure and anonymous way for sources to leak information to [their] journalists” in the form of an electronic drop box. Wikileaks justifies their consistent undermining of the US government by citing the idea that their actions improve transparency which strengthens democracy and leads to a better informed citizenry and a better overall society and quality of life. Perhaps this arguments holds some truth. In the midst of government secrecy and media spin it becomes more and more difficult, if not impossible, to glean the truth of international events like the war in Iraq.

The Cablegate page, makes some rather bold assertions about the motives and corruption of United States leaders behind closed doors. However, it is necessary to consider the possibility that covering its questionable tracks is not the only reason that government documents earn a classified status. Government officials, especially ambassadors, often deal in sensitive information, which could potentially offend certain other international parties and cause far more damage than is cause by withholding the informations from the population.

As Wikileaks releases more and more of the secret cables it will be interesting, and potentially scary, to witness both the domestic and international fallout from the scandal.

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December 3, 2010 at 8:07 pm

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