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Battle of the Smartphones

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Total U.S. Market & Smartphone Market
According to the latest data from The Nielson Company, Apple and RIM (i.e. Research in Motion, the makers of Blackberry) are currently neck and neck in the fight for U.S. smartphone market share, with Apple topping RIM’s 27.4% by a pargin of 0.5%. Google’s Android OS is hot on their heals with 22.7% market share.  In the not so distant past, RIM’s Blackberry line dominated the smartphone market but at the present it is quickly losing ground to Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Of people likely to upgrade to smartphones in the near future, iOS and Android lead by far with 30% and 28% respectively. RIM Blackberry trails with a measly 13% of likely upgraders.

The future doesn’t look so bright for the Blackberry. The may still hold the second highest market share but with the steady advances of iOS and the explosion of Android adoption their currently status will likely be short-lived. RIM is also attempting to enter the tablet market, which the Apple iPad has taken by storm, with the soon to be released Blackberry PlayBook.

The once untouchable smartphone giant is in dire need of some major innovations to attract customers. And frankly from what I’ve seen of their hardware or software. Blackberry OS just seems to lack the same feel that you get on an iPhone or a Android phone. The Blackberry Torch‘s awkwardly squarish screen doesn’t seem like it’s a goo size for browsing the web or watching video or anything really. To be fair I haven’t used a Blackberry past fiddling with a friends for a minute or two but for me it just doesn’t compare. Bottom line: RIM needs to bring it… soon.

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Written by Colby R

December 5, 2010 at 7:10 pm

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