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Football banning Religion

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For quite some time we know that the NFL has put a ban on excessive celebration in the end zone when a touchdown is made. There are now fines that are associated with it that almost make it a not worthwhile celebration. It is been said that there are some teams that sent aside a certain amount of money for these fines since they know that their players will continue to perform the celebration associated with the excitement of the touchdown. As bad as this rule may seem to many fans, there has recently been an incident that surpasses even this NFL rule. A Tumwater High student made a gesture to God when he made a touchdown in his state semifinals and was subsequently given a penalty. The referee threw down the yellow flag as soon as the student got up off of his knee that he was on.

Ronnie Hastie has been following every touchdown he made this season with that gesture, a point to the heavens, because he says that it’s God that he owes the thanks to for giving him the strength to play as well as he does and make the points. The referee board refuses to comment on the penalty and stands by it saying that it was excessive celebration.

The fact that we are now drawing religion into the mix seems to be a complete breech of our rights as Americans. We are taught that America is the place that we are free to express ourselves through free speech and religion, which everyone is free to practice no matter what their beliefs may be. This penalty goes against those rights and is now saying that we are no longer allowed to express this religion in any means that we want. Ronnie was not trying to offend anyone and didn’t do it to be obnoxious to those around him; he did it out of his deep set of beliefs. For me, personally, I think that everyone needs to stop jumping on the chance to put down someone’s religion and to make it illegal to be practicing these beliefs in a public forum. If we are to take away that right from people, who’s to say what’s next.

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December 5, 2010 at 7:08 pm

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