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How fun. saved me (A resurrection of the long lost album)

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Just fake it…

Following the Beatles‘ digital debut on the iTunes store, Billboard reports on the immensely successful first week of sales.

More than 450,000 albums and 2 million individual songs were sold on iTunes worldwide, according to Apple, since the Beatles catalog was made available Tuesday (Nov. 16). In U.S. the best-selling album was “Abbey Road” and best-selling song was “Here Comes the Sun.”

450,000 albums is quite a figure. Obviously if the Beatles can sell 450,000 in a week the problem isn’t that us listeners don’t like them. No I think the issue lies more in the current artistic state of the album and popular music as a whole.

Critics often blame digital music services like iTunes, which offer single-song downloads, for the decline of the album but I suspect the issue runs deeper. iTunes and similar services merely took advantage of where music was heading after the 1980s… Not to say that the 80s ruin everything… but… well lets just say the advent of the one hit wonder didn’t do anyone any good. Maybe the 80s weren’t completely devoid of musical worth but there was a shift in the way we consumed music. The album lost its throne to the single. The rest of the tracks are just fluff. You know the BS from all those papers you wrote? That type of thing. That’s what set the stage for iTunes and the like.

I’m not a prophet, I’m just here to profit…

Now we’re blessed with top-ten musical masterpieces like Katie Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl.” Bless my soul, that one really changed my life. We’re a bunch of mindless zombies clamoring for the homogenized shit (pardon the profanity  but metaphorically speaking, excrement is the only applicable term for unsubstantial, processed noise topping the charts) which is passed of as brains on the radio waves. It looks enough like brains that we devour it without a thought. Of course its not brains at all. To continue the analogy, if music where brains, we gorge ourselves off the stuff on the McZombie’s dollar menu. It doesn’t look, smell or taste like brains but they wouldn’t lie to us to make boatloads of money right? Of course not! Corporate America has morals! Silly me…

It’s depressingly fake. Holden would have a heart attack. Pretty faces masquerading as musicians behind gaudy auto-tuned visages. All the while artists are force to disguise themselves as pop/rock/rap stars to survive while their musical talent and masterpieces pass virtually unnoticed and under appreciated behind the “hits.” Tired, synthesized beats rein supreme over creative musical expression.

At least I’m not as sad as I used to be…

August 5th, 2009. Nate Ruess, risen from the ashes of The Format, basks, alongside the members of his new band fun., in the glory of their debut album, Aim & Ignite. I was born in 1991. In the last 20 years, I have never been so consumed by an

Aim & Ignite - Cover Art

album’s sheer musicality, creativity and flat out greatness. I didn’t know what an album was. I know I lack any sort of expertise to make the following accusation, but Aim & Ignite is the greatest album released in the last 25 years (probably more). I know no one cares and it’ll never be appreciated by the masses but I truly love it… It’s been on repeat for the last hour and a half.

So if you’re wanting a change, a taste of something different but with expertly crafted roots in every genre from rock and roll to gospel, give it a listen. I promise it’s worth the $7.99 (here’s the iTunes link). It could save us all… it’s unlikely but still.

As far as the music industry is concerned, fun. probably doesn’t change anything… It’s a losing battle but at least I’m not as sad as I used to be.

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December 5, 2010 at 7:14 pm

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