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TV and Your Children

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Recently in class we have been discussing the positive and negative aspects of watching television. I wanted to take a closer look at the direct effects that TV has on children. Now that I am older, I never think about the possible effects that watching too much TV could have had on me and am interested to know how my life could be influenced.

There is no doubt that TV is playing a large role in most kids’ lives. Many findings suggest that too much television watching can have serious affects on a child’s social and family life. We know that not all television shows are capable of stimulating the brain and usually provide entertainment during our free time. TV viewing, however, can be replacing some of the necessary activities in a child’s life, such as playing outside with friends, doing homework, reading or doing chores. This can lead to poor grades, behavior problems and even obesity. Sitting around watching TV all afternoon can also be replacing the time that a child should be spending with their family, which can affect the relationships they have with family members. Many TV shows are also inappropriate for kids to be watching. They may present stereotypes, violence, underage drinking, drugs and promotion of sex. Most parents are not monitoring what their kids are watching and they can be exposed to certain risky situations.

Personally, I never felt affected by the kind of TV shows that I watched as a child but I do think that it depends on the child. Kids that are mature enough to realize that what is on TV may not always be the same in real life will not be as affected by  TV watching as kids that do not grasp this. Additionally, I do think that parents should be monitoring how many hours of TV their kids are watching. Social skills, school work and family time still need to remain important in a generation where technology is booming.



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December 5, 2010 at 7:12 pm

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