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Bridalplasty! Is this even allowed to be on TV?

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The E! network premiered its new reality show called Bridalplasty November 28th.  This is a ten part show in which engaged women compete to achieve their “perfect” wedding.  That perfect wedding includes winning many plastic surgery procedures along with the actual wedding.  As the women win smaller competitions, they win one plastic surgery on their wish list and get to plan a part of their wedding.  The winner of the entire competition gets to complete her plastic surgery wish list and have her ultimate dream wedding.

Many people, including doctors and psychologists, believe that this show is unethical and should not be on television.  According to plastic surgeon Dr. Gayle Gordillo, “We’re technically prohibited from giving procedures away as a prize for a contest. It totally undermines the doctor-patient relationship.”  Also, this show is going to raise many social issues, as well as the ethical and medical issues.  Women already have trouble with self-image in this country and believe that they have to be perfect to be happy.  This show is emphasizing to the world this exact problem that our society is facing.  It is telling the world, especially young women and brides for that matter, that cosmetic procedures are necessary for relationships and overall happiness.

Another reason many believe this show should not be put on the air is because it may be a factor for these women’s marriages to fail.  Who knows what their husbands will think when they see the results of the surgeries.  Also, their husbands should love them the way they are and should not want them to have these procedures done.  That is a sign that their relationship is not strong and will probably not survive in the long run.  If the husbands do not want their brides to be on the show but want their brides to be happy, this raises another issue.  These women may be suffering from BBD (body dysmorphic disoder).  This is a serious mental disorder where people hate their appearance and feel that they need to change it to be happy, when in actuality there is nothing wrong with their appearance.  If this is the case, any plastic surgery the woman has will not satisfy their unease with their appearance.  These woman should be undergoing counseling and not surgery.

I personally am against this show and do not believe what it is portraying is right.  It is doing a disservice to society by emphasizing the need of “perfection” and cosmetic procedures.  It is also doing a disservice to the women on the show, because they probably have some type of mental issues that need to be taken care of if they even want to be a part of this show.


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December 6, 2010 at 12:06 am

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