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Just when we think technology has hit an all-time low, the human race continues to bring it lower.  Bradley Laborman is “founder and head dumper for” Laborman has ended over 200 relationships since September of 2009 through a new program he’s started.

For $10 dollars Laborman will have a phone-call break-up with your significant other for you. It all started as a joke but then people began asking for his service. Laborman feels that although this could be a “mean” process, he still see’s that he is helping out a relationship. After talking to the one who wants the breakup and fully understanding the relationship, Laborman will then call the other and officially break it off.

I would have to say that technology today has opened up multiple windows for our society, both good and bad. This one, I’m indifferent about. Having someone else break up with you over the Internet is the equivalent to a text message break up, which in society is seen as unacceptable. Over a year of breakups, so far nothing negative has really come of these breakups except for some really upset couples.

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December 6, 2010 at 5:45 pm

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