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In the Living Room, Hooked on Pay TV

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I found this article to be very interesting because I can relate directly to the young adults who use the Internet to watch shows instead of paying for cable, like HBO. Dexter and True Blood were the two reasons that a middle-aged man re-subscribed to Time Warner cable after canceling it because of the price. I found that to be funny because I am a fan of both shows, and because Marist College doesn’t provide us with these paid channels, I have to find another way to keep up on my shows. Luckily, I found a website that has every episode of both shows, and also has many others, including movies as well. If you know what you are looking for, usually you can find it on the Internet. The article also discusses how most older adults have no intentions of trying to find other ways to get the paid cable channels, mostly because they are not familiar with the new technologies, like computers and the Internet. Besides the fact that you have to wait a day to watch the latest episode, I’m not sure why anyone wouldn’t watch their show on the Internet because they could do it at any time convenient to them. Cable and satellite companies are still trying to keep their customers happy though, by looking into being able to watch the subscribed channels on phones, iPads, and the other T.V.s in the home as well. I think this issue right now is not as concerning as it will be in the future as technology advances even further and people begin to find loopholes. Eventually, the elderly people who did no grow up with computers will not be alive, and the new generation of older adults will come in and have knowledge of the internet and how to use it to save themselves money. As for me, I will continue to watch the new episodes of Dexter and True Blood for free on my computer in my dorm-room, the day after they are air on T.V.



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December 6, 2010 at 5:20 pm

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