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iPhone Susceptible to Hackers

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Nowadays, it seems as if you don’t have a smart phone (i.e. BlackBerry, iPhone, Droid, etc.), you are missing out on a secret that everyone eles knows. Not having e-mails sent to your phone or internet accessibility is in a way, in today’s society, a form of being socially handicapped. But, at what cost are we willing to have unlimited access to internet at e-mail? In this New York Times article, it states that even after the iPhone has been on the market for years, there are still risks for your personal information to be hacked.

Researchers have found that phishers have gained access to Safari loaded websites. However, the websites must appear in the mobile version in order for these phishers to have access. After the website loads, the real address sometimes disappears while accessing the website, and a graphic design pretending to be the address bar tricks users and scams their information. For example, the Bank of America websites has been reported to have fallen victim to this scam. In this case, users personal banking information, social security numbers, and other personal information is in jeopardy of being hacked.

While it seems that smart phones seem to have become a necessity for so many people these days, this article definitely begs the question if the cost of potentially being scammed for all of your banking information is really worth having that shiny, pretty iPhone. While Apple is in the process of developing software to protect users against phishers that use this scheme, they are still unsure of when this software will be available and usable. Until then, this article states that several third party companies have been creating software and iPhone applications to protect against dangerous phishers.



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December 6, 2010 at 5:21 pm

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