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LeBron overcomes Cavaliers, Fans in Victory

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On the heels of our discussion about the emotion that is inherently tied to professional athletics came perhaps the best example of such passion in recent memory. LeBron James, Cleveland’s native son returned to play his former team Thursday for the first time since signing with the Miami Heat this summer. In what should come as no surprise James was greeted by his former fan’s with vitriol fit for a King. Chants of “Akron Hates you” and “No Ring King” rained from the rafters. Unfortunately for Cleveland’s capacity crowd however, their chants seemed only to motivate James. After scoring  14 points in the first half, LeBron exploded for 24 in the third quarter and in the process outscored the entire Cavalier team during the period.

By the time the third period had ended Miami had built an imposing 30 point lead and James was able to rest for the remainder of the game. However, on this night what happened on the court took a backseat to the scene around it.  The unfiltered hatred shown by the fans who used to care about LeBron most is a prime example of the emotion that characterizes fan behavior in regard to professional sports. Last night was about more than just a game, it was about how much a sports team and in particular one athlete can mean to a city. An age old adage states that you never can go home again. Technically, LeBron did go home last night, only the place he returned to was far different than the one he once left.

-Sam Benjamin


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December 6, 2010 at 5:24 pm

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