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Moonbase? Launchpoint for the Final Frontier

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We grew up reading stories and watching fantastical movies like “Total Recall” where humans had developed bases on other celestial bodies in our own solar system. Well that day is much closer to reality as NASA recently captivated the world with their headline: “Water on the Moon: A Billion Gallons in One Crater“. Having a reliable source of water on the moon or another planet would be one of the primary prerequisites to be able to build a sustainable colony. NASA recently released the results of their analysis performed on data from last year’s rocket that they fired into a crater on the moon. They found much more water than they were expecting, a sign that could herald even more water beneath the surface across the moon. As the article states, “The ice could be melted and purified for drinking and cooling of spacecraft systems — and beyond that, it could also be broken down into its components, hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen could be used as rocket fuel; oxygen could be used for breathing.”

With these new developments, it looks like humans are one step closer to colonizing space and finally exploring the Final Frontier.


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December 6, 2010 at 12:04 am

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